Idaho State Sales Tax Resale Certificate

If your business is in Idaho State and you would like your account to be Non-Taxable, please fill out the resale information below.

Seller's Name: T&A Supply Company
Buyer's Name:  *
Buyer's Address:  *
Buyer's City, State & Zipcode of Buyer:  *
  1. Buying for Resale. I will sell, rent or lease the goods I am buying in the regular course of my business.
    a. Primary nature of business:  
    Describe the products sold/leased/rented:  *
    b. Check the box that applies:
        Idaho registered retailer, seller's permit number:  
        Wholesale only, no retail sales
        Out-of-state retailer, no idaho business presence

  2. Producer Exemptions. I will put the goods purchased to an exempt use in the business indicated below.
    Check the box that applies and complete the required information.
     Logging Exemption
     Broadcasting Exemption
     Publishing Free Newspapers
     Production Exemption (select one):  
    List the products you produce:  

  3. Exempt Buying. All purchases are exempt. Check the boxes that apply.
     American Indian Tribe
     American Red Cross
     Center for Independent Living
     Emergency Medical Service Agency
     Federal Government
     Forest Protective Association
     Idaho Community Action Agency  Idaho Foodbank Warehouse, Inc.
     Idaho Government Entity
     Nonprofit Canal Company
     Nonprofit Hospital
     Nonprofit School
     Senior Citizen Center
     State/Federal Credit Union
     Qualifying Health Organization
     Volunteer Fire Department

  4. Contractor Exemptions. This exemption claim applies to the following invoice, purchase order, or job number.
    a. Invoice, purchase order or job number to which this claim applies:  
    b. City and state where job is located:  
    c. Project owner name:  
    d. This exempt project is (check appropriate box):
     In a nontaxing state. (Only materials that become part of the real property quality.)
     An agricultural irrigation project.
     For production equipment owned by a producer who qualifies for the production exemption.

  5. Other Exempt Good and Buyers.
     Aircraft used to transport passengers or freight for hire
     Aircraft purchased by nonresident for out-of-state use
     American Indian buyer holding Tribal I.D. No. . The goods must be delivered within the boundaries of the reservation.
     Church buying goods for food bank or to sell meals to members
     Food bank or soup kitchen buying food or food service goods
     Heating fuel and other utilities
     Livestock sold at a public livestock market
     Other goods or entity exempt by law under the following statue 
     Pollution control equipment required by law
     Qualifying medical items to be administered/distributed by a licensed practitioner
     Research and development goods for use at INEEL
     Snow making or grooming equipment, or aerial tramway component

BUYER: Read and sign. I certify that all statements I have made on this form are true and correct to the best of my knowledge. I understand that falsification of this certificate for the purpose of evading payment of tax is a misdemeanor. Other penalties may also apply.
I acknowledge that misuse of the resale privilege claimed by the use of this certificate subjects the buyer to a penalty of 50% of the tax due, in addition to the tax, interest, and any other penalties imposed by law.
 I agree the above statements are true*

Buyer's Name:  *
Buyer's Title:  *
Buyer's Email Address:  *
Federal EIN or Driver's License No. and State of Issue:  *
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